Definitions of popular dress styles

Published: 20th June 2009
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A lot is talked about different dress styles but still many times women end in mystery in deciding style of the dress. To be clear about styles is very important for right shopping. This article rolls up the most popular fashion styles to help you in understanding what you are actually looking for.

A-line style dress

As per the name the silhouette of this style is represented by alphabet 'A'. It has fitted bodice that flares out from the waist towards bottom.

Ball gown style dress

Like ball, this style is characterized by a full skirt that begins at the waist and continues towards bottom. It comes in various styles.

Halter style dress

This style projects a wrap around neck. It is one of the sexiest styles as it has sleeveless bodice and back is backless.

Corset style dress

Corset style dress is form-fitted at the bodice and do not distinguish the bodice from the skirt. It is ideal for tall and slim women.

Ballerina neck style dress

This is a low neckline dress and most popularly seen in strapless or spaghetti strapped dresses.

Bandeau style dress

Bandeau style dress is the one that provides band-shaped covering for the breasts.



Empire bodice style dress

Silhouette of empire waist dress sports a high waist that ends just below the bust. This style work best with sheath dresses and A-Line styles.

Basque waist style dress

This flattering dress style has silhouette of dropped waist in U or V shape and starts just below the natural waistline. It looks good on most body types.

Cap sleeve style dress

This sweet style dress has short sleeve which sits on the shoulder. It either forms a stiff cap or fall on to the arm.

Boat neck style dress

It is a straight neckline dress that runs straight across the front and back of neck. Also it is very high and wide and of the same depth in the front and back.

Bias cut style dress

This style is cut in a diagonal shape across the fabric. It follows the body curves closely.

Cathedral train style dress

It is one of the most fabulous options for formal weddings. Cathedral train falls six to eight feet behind the gown and gives fairytale look.

Chapel train style dress

Chapel train is the most famous amongst all trains and also easy to manage as it three to four feet long.

Chemise style dress

It is a cut dress without belt with varying sleeves and length.

Column style dress

It is a straight line dress with no flare at the hem or waist.

Cowl neck style dress

This style features a piece of cloth attached to a dress at the neck that drape loosely in a swag from shoulder to shoulder at the front neckline or back.

Diamond neck style dress

The neckline of this style is cut in a diamond shape that fastens at the front or back neckline.

Godet style dress

In this style a triangle shaped panel is set into a dress to add modest flare to it. It is very sweet in looking.

Draped bodice style dress

In this style dress an extra piece of cloth is draped over the bust. It is in great fame nowadays.

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