Four magical ways to jazz up the dress

Published: 28th June 2009
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Purchasing new dress each time is not the only way to enliven wardrobe. There are many other ways of performing the task of jazzing up your dress. This article is an extension of that only, thus continue reading it.

No doubt wearing the same dress for long time diminishes craze for wearing it. Then women think to buy new ones. But everyone does not think in the same way. Some think economically also. Hence apart from purchasing the new dress, accessorizing the dress is the best way to give life to your closet as well to your looks. You can earn oodles of good compliments by being little creative towards your dress. And certainly you will get noticed for your immaculate style.

Amplify your visual aspect with few antics and stand out amongst the crowd. These basic gratuities will make you feel confident and fabricate a new angle in any outfit plus it is in budget also. Here are they:

Embellish dress with jewelry

Jewelry is the classic way to spice up the look of any dress ranging from formal to informal ones. It makes outfit look outstanding. Jewelry should be worn as per the need of the style of dress. Every dress does not need to be accessorized to the same degree. To your surprise a little glittery brooch is enough to do a great magic. Also finger ring, long danglers, belt, necklace, handbag, bracelet and so on make dress look stunning. Come out of a passé image and add a bit of flair with knock out fresh jewelries and see a bang up change in your look.


Adorn dress with baubles and you do not need anything else. They add a great shine to the dress and give it magnificent look. They make an incredible impression. Dresses decked with baubles are greatly seen on the runways.

Shoes enhance the dress

Wear dress with different types of shoes complementing it. Shoes give a sweet panorama to the dress. They are the foundation of outfit. Embellished shoes are also available and create the same effect as embellishments do. Crystals, ribbons and anklets adorn shoes nicely. Shoes enhance your personality and add flair to outfit. Like wearing a high heel shoes with short dress gives a smart and sexy look and at the same time flats also makes its appearance. It indicates that one dress can be worn with many shoes.

Embellishments on the dress

Invigorate your dress by adding embellishments to it. Lace, ribbon, embroidery, net, stones etc all enrich the look of dress beautifully. It gives even simple dress rich look and feels elegant, thus imparts texture to the dress. Make your simple outfit a unique one by adding these embellishments to it.

So follow these simple steps and jazz up your outfit within a minute's time. Also they are economic and can be obtained for a fraction of the cost of a new outfit, yet can entirely change the show of the outfit, dressing it up or dressing it down.

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